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"My fasting blood
sugar used to be
180 or higher. Now
it 100 or below. My
doctor is amazed!"
- Nancy, New York

"After just eight
weeks on
Glucobate™, my
HbA1c is down
below 7%. I've
never felt better!"
- K.R., Louisiana

Diabetes used to mean a lifetime of diet, drugs, and deprivation. But now there  Glucobate™, the all-natural diabetes breakthrough.

Prescription drugs just treat the symptoms of diabetes. But Glucobate™ acts at the microcellular level to attack the cause of the disease. What the secret? Cucumis melo — or Elixir of Muskmelon — an all-natural sugar regulator with none of the side effects of the medications that break your budget without curing your condition.

But you want to know "Will Glucobate™ work for me?" For centuries, Maronesian healers have used precious extracts of the tropical muskmelon to regulate blood sugar. And now scientists recognize what natural practitioners have always known: The bioactive compounds in Glucobate™ increase insulin production by regenerating sensitive beta-cell receptors  — in effect, rebooting your pancreas to restore healthy functioning.

But don't just take our word for it. Clinical studies presented at the 2004 Triennial Symposium of Diabetology prove Glucobate™:

Glucobate™ users also report faster healing, no more tingling sensations, improved vision — and easier weight loss!

So now you have a choice: Expensive prescription drugs. Or Glucobate™, the all-natural diabetes breakthrough. Now available without a prescription.

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