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Sundae Station Ice Cream
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Americans spend more than $4 billion a year on ice cream! But to help yourself to a double scoop of the profits, you’d have to open a fancy ice cream parlor or invest in an expensive national franchise. Until now! Now there’s SUNDAE STATION – the free-standing turn-key business that’s your ticket to sweet profits and cold cash.

So how does it work? Just place your SUNDAE STATION vending kiosks in high-traffic areas – shopping malls, convenience stores, bowling alleys, parks. Then sit back and count the profits as SUNDAE STATION sells itself.
  • SUNDAE STATION builds towering sundaes in a large display window. What passerby could resist?

  • Customers can choose from four taste-tempting flavors – hot fudge, caramel, strawberry, and Cajun blend. All dispensed in attractive SUNDAE STATION logo cups!

  • Kids love SUNDAE STATION! It’s as easy to operate as a bubble gum machine.
And best of all – it’s your no risk, no hassle road to riches. We guarantee high-traffic locations, exclusive territories, and continued support. Remember – SUNDAE STATION is no “get rich quick” scheme. It’s a proven system guaranteed to generate $10,000 – $25,000 – even $50,000 a month for motivated entrepreneurs.
photo of Lynda and Fred on the beach
“We were drowning in debt and working 80 hours a week for two paychecks that barely covered the necessities. SUNDAE STATION changed our lives.

Our first SUNDAE STATION paid for itself in just three weeks! In one year, we’ve gone from $10 in the bank to $100,000. Now every day is a walk on the beach. Thank you, SUNDAE STATION!”

Lynda and Fred
Sycamore, FL